Register for the Webinar on Successfully Meeting Shopper Demand for New Products in 2021 and Beyond

COVID protocols and the general shutdown of the “experience economy” inadvertently created an ideal environment for many new product launches in 2020. Shopper interest in them grew throughout the year and we expect this heightened interest to extend well into 2021- and beyond. Are you ready?

Denis Hancock (VP of Strategy at BrandSpark) will share key learnings from 2020 and updates from our first shopper pulse survey of 2021 that can help Canadian marketers maximize new product launch success in this environment.

PLUS: At the end of the webinar, you’ll have the chance to put your knowledge to the test in a competitive game of Kahoot trivia! MULTIPLE cash prizes to be won.

To give a little bit of a preview, here are just a few of the topic areas we will be covering:

  • The Role of Premiumization: Getting good value for money is always the top priority for Canadians. But throughout 2020 we saw shoppers “trading up” in many categories, and the under-discussed COVID reality is that personal savings rates are heights unseen in a generation. So how much “trading up” might there be in the coming year(s)?
  • Key brand trust differences between Canadians and Americans: Canadians are less stubborn about their brand choices than Americans – meaning they are more open to switching. What does this mean for how marketers need to approach each country differently – and how does it vary by category?
  • Optimizing e-commerce presence for new product launches: pre-COVID e-commerce played a supporting role in new product launches for brands in many categories. Now that it is front and center, how can marketers optimize their digital assets to drive product trial?

So if you’re interested in the new product launch opportunities in 2021 and beyond, we hope you can join us at 12:00pm EST on Thursday, February 11th. If you can’t make that time, feel free to contact us after the event for a link to the recording and/or a copy of the presentation.

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