Shopper Insight, Brand Strategy, Product Innovation

Do you want to understand the shopper and decode the omni-channel shopping experience? Do you want to identify brand white space and opportunities? Do you need to understand what drives great product innovation and where the market wants you to go? We can help!

Our Research Expertise

We deliver insights that decode the Shopper and their Omni-Channel Experience, ignite Brand Strategy and help Marketers develop meaningful Innovation.


We believe that great brand positioning sits at the core of a strong business model. Our insights go beyond the data to fuel decisions that will propel your brand forward.

Brand Positioning and Optimization Research

-How is your brand positioned in the minds of consumers?
-What strategies should you employ to strengthen the position of your brand?
-Which target markets offer the strongest growth potential?

You need an understanding of the landscape before you can map your way to success. We combine fundamental brand strategy with innovative twists to help ignite the power of your brand.

Brand Health, Usage and Attitude

-How can I optimize conversion throughout the purchase process?
-Where should I focus my marketing investments to strengthen my brand? Steal share? Grow market? Encourage brand advocacy?

We live in a world of limited resources. Let our proven frameworks help you focus your brand and marketing strategies where they will have the strongest impact on the bottom line.


We believe that innovation is not just a project or a list of ideas. It is not coming up with something new for newness sake. It’s not a “buzz” word that is here today and gone tomorrow. It has no end in sight. Innovation is a mindset, a part of culture and involves a long-term commitment to meet the needs of consumers.

Ideation and Development

Are you looking to uncover new innovation opportunities?
Need a boost in generating new ideas for white space innovation?
Are you looking to fill your innovation pipeline with relevant ideas based on consumer insight?
What trends will help catapult innovation for your brand?

Our Ideation process is grounded in consumer insight, market trends and our power to guide people into uncharted territory with our popular SparkSessions™.

Concept Screening and Prioritization

Of all your amazing ideas, which are the best?
What ideas should you keep in your funnel, which should you develop now?

There are such things as bad ideas. This is where we screen them out so that your resources are focused on those with the highest potential. Only the best will survive and the best will be made better.

Test Market Potential and Optimization

Is your product concept ready for further development? This is where you’ll find out. Oh, and we’ll make concepts even better here too.
How will your product perform when it hits the market?
How should you price your new concept?

Leverage our innovation forecasting experience and models to predict how your product will perform in the competitive marketplace. We also benchmark vs. in-market and pre-launch product concept performance.

In-market Product Evaluation

Is your new product living up to consumer expectations?
How are people finding out about your new product?

Get critical insights during the early stages of your product launch to enable you to optimize your go-to market plan.


We help companies ‘win at shelf’ both in-store and online by uncovering omni-channel shopper insights through proprietary in-the-moment research methods. We help bring clarity to your complex shopper questions.

E-Commerce Path to Purchase and Mindset

As e-commerce continues to grow, learn how omni-channel shoppers are navigating the online space, how they are making decisions and what you can do to win them over.  Our e-commerce insight tools provide you with a clear picture of what is happening within your category and what you need to do to win in the future.

Decision Tree Modelling

A decision tree best represents the search pattern that shoppers follow.  We undergo a process of elimination and preference modeling designed to tease out shoppers’ decision heuristics. This process provides insight into the key elements that impact decisions in-store.

In-Store Path to Purchase and Mind Set

Knowing what your shopper is thinking at shelf is critical in building shopper strategies that lead to maximum sales.  Our quantitative and qualitative proprietary research approach provides you with deeper shopper insights, by assessing the consumer journey in-the-moment, while real purchase decisions are being made.

Pricing and Product Portfolio Optimization

What is the optimal price point for your product?
What is the impact of pricing changes on consumer demand?
Which SKUs will maximize portfolio demand?

Use BrandSpark’s expertise in choice modeling and product mix analytics to ensure that you are capturing your full sales potential.

Omni-Channel Optimization

What role does marketing play throughout the omni-channel interaction?
What opportunities does your brand have to influence the shopper during their journey?

We can help optimize your marketing investments and maximize conversion to sales.

Best New
Product Awards

  1. Introduction
  2. Shopper Study


At BrandSpark we embrace innovation. Our obsession with innovation led to the creation of the Best New Product Awards, the world’s most credible consumer voted awards program for new food, beverage, health, beauty, and household care products.

Shopper Study

The BrandSpark Shopper Study captures the voice of the principal shopper by examining and revealing the most up-to-date consumer attitudes with regard to shopping trends and media habits, the economy, the environment, natural and organic trends, the strength of private label, the most trusted consumer brands, and much more. The Study also shows how shoppers are similar and/or different from other shoppers globally. This deep source of insights informs and enriches BrandSpark’s custom research work in CPG.