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Presentation of awards to the winners of 2013 Best New Products in Turkey

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BrandSpark Innovation Conference 2013: Marketing in a Brave New World

Robert Levy, BrandSpark International – The Battle with New and Old: The Interaction Between New and Traditional Media and Marketing

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Rosanne Caron, OMAC Canada – Around the world tour of Out-of-Home winning executions with mobile integration

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Jonathan Dunn, Bell Media & Mark Baltazar, BrandSpark International – Guiding the consumer toward mobile media consumption

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Dean Seaman, TC Media – The Future of the Flyer

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Brands must innovate to reach consumers: study

As more shoppers hit stores with smart phones in-hand, brands will have to find ways to make mobile devices an integral part of their media plans. At least, that’s what BrandSpark International’s 2013 Canadian Shopper Study suggests.

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Dempster’s goes after a bigger slice with new ‘Bread Farmer’ campaign

Bread is a healthy food that is connected to the Earth. That is the message in this spot from JWT of Toronto, “Bread Farmer,” for Canada Bread’s Dempster’s brand of bread. Is it a stale message? The Ad Missions team weighs in.

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Vancouver YMCA ad leaves mixed feelings

This public service announcement for YMCA Vancouver was done by the agency Station X, which is based in the West Coast city. It did induce some reader guilt after Halloween.

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Mark’s campaign comforts, but, oddly, uninspires

These ads for Mark’s from MacLaren McCann in Toronto are aimed at moving the perception of the apparel brand beyond its workwear roots, even though the Canadian Tire Corp. subsidiary still has the biggest market share of workwear in the country.

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