Comprehensive Understanding. Contextual Insights. Clear Direction.




We start by learning as much as possible about your business challenges and opportunities. Depending on the situation this may include client research and strategic plan review, internal stakeholder interviews, BrandSpark Shopper Study analysis, and other relevant materials.

Through collaborative sessions our senior team works with you to translate the unanswered questions revealed into key hypotheses to test – often discovering new ones in the process.

Only then do we implement the best approach to test the hypotheses as effectively and efficiently as possible – using the appropriate mix of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, proprietary tools, and custom solutions.


Contextual Insights

We ensure our main report to primary client team comprehensively provides answers for all the hypotheses identified, and puts these answers into your business context – going beyond the “what”, to the “so what”, and most importantly to the “now what”.


Clear Direction

Figuring out what to do is only part of the challenge. Once the “now what” has been established, we work with you to craft the fact-based story that will get the internal stakeholder buy-in you need to move forward.

We remain your partner throughout this process, with our senior team delivering or supporting presentations depending on your preference – and providing whatever ongoing assistance is required.

Result: Your organization moves forward with clear direction.


Brand Strategy

Great brand positioning sits at the core of a strong business model, and is crucial for driving sustainable, profitable sales growth. Throughout the BrandSpark process we go beyond the data to find insights into specifically what strategic initiatives will propel the brand forward, with a focus on quantified prioritization of opportunities and a strong emphasis on brand trust.

Omni-Channel Shopper

The digital and real-world shopping spheres are increasingly blurred. We help companies “win at the shelf” both in-store and online by delivery category and product specific omni-channel shopper insights through both traditional and proprietary in-the-moment research methodologies.

Product Innovation

A culture of innovation is critical to long-term success. BrandSpark has a range of effective and efficient approaches to help clients improve early-stage ideation; more efficiently screen ideas down to the most promising opportunities; and quickly and cost effectively test new products and services both pre and early post launch to rapidly refine and help drive sales. Our Partnership with affiliated companies Best New Product Awards (BNPA) and Shopper Army allows us to provide clients unique and proprietary data, tools and shopper community access to help further ensure their new product and service launch success.


Senior Leadership Team

Robert Levy

President & CEO

Scott Boyer

EVP & Partner

BrandSpark Team

Denis Hancock

Vice President, Strategy

Philip Scrutton

Vice President, Shopper Insights

Mike Bone

Vice President, Consumer Insight

Valeria Feo

Associate Vice President

Marc Herscovitch

Research Director

George Joseph

Senior Research Manager

Joey Di

Senior Research Manager

Felicia Colasanto

Senior Research Manager

Akshay Sharma

Research Manager

Natasha Manson

Manager of Operations

Sydney Weinryb

Research Manager

Kinza Raza

Senior Research Analyst

Jacqualine Yeh

Senior Research Analyst

Marlon Velasquez

Research Analyst

Laine Sills

Senior Research Analyst

Jonathan Sutley

Senior Research Analyst

Credentialing Team

Kim Diamond

Vice President

Patricia Levy

Vice President, BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards

Adam Bellisario

Associate Vice President, Sales & Marketing

brandspark favicon

Eden Price

Marketing Manager

Danielle Nisker

Program Coordinator

Shopper Army Team

Megan Rybko

Senior Marketing Manager

Anmol Singh

Senior Product Manager

Ivan Li

Technical Operations Manager

Partner Companies

BrandSpark® has a sister company: Best New Product Awards Inc. (which operates the Best New Product Awards & BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards and Shopper Army). 

BrandSpark® provides the research behind the awards credentials and has access to the underlying data (from both the awards specifically and accompanying Shopper Study) generated over the past 15+ years in both Canada and the U.S.

BrandSpark also provides research services to Shopper Army – a company focused on building and maintaining healthy digital shelves for clients – and can leverage the Shopper Army community whenever needed for research.


Announcing the latest and greatest products as voted by Canadian Consumers! (CNW Group/Best New Product Awards Inc.)

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Published: January 29, 2024

Program Seal (CNW Group/BrandSpark International)

2024 BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards Winners Announced for Consumer Products, Retail and Services Brands in the 11th Annual Edition

Published: January 17, 2024

2024 Program Seal (CNW Group/BrandSpark International)

BrandSpark International Announces the 2024 Canadian Most Trusted Consumer Product, Services, and Retail Brands Nationally and in Quebec

Published: November 22, 2023


BrandSpark® is always looking for talented individuals that can help improve the clear direction we provide our clients. We pride ourselves in having a multi-disciplinary team, and believe having a wide variety of backgrounds can help improve the service, insights and direction we provide our clients. We also have the opportunity to provide career opportunities connected to our sister companies, and are open to creative role designs to the right individuals.

If you believe BrandSpark might be the right place for you, please send whatever information you deem appropriate about yourself to Note we are less interested in the specifics of where you’ve worked (we know how to check LinkedIn!), and are far more interested in anything that lets us know how you think and solve problems.

We are Hiring a Market Research Manager

Published: June 29, 2021