Preview of Tomorrow’s Webinar on Successfully Launching Functional Foods in Canada

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BrandSpark International is very excited to announce that on Tuesday, July 21st we’ll be co-presenting (along with Harbinger Communications) a webinar on successfully launching functional foods – i.e. those enhanced with additional ingredients to increase health benefits – in Canada. Much of it is based on new insights from one of our latest Shopper Army weekly surveys, with a key focus on defining and sizing the key target market; important changes in their attitudes between January and today; and differences in how Canadians and Americans think about (and buy) functional foods.

To give a little bit of a preview, here are just a few of the interesting insights we have found:

  • While the size of the target market is slightly smaller in Canada right now, their likelihood to purchase food and beverages for health reasons is actually higher – one of many indicators of the great growth opportunity in Canada.
  • In terms of why people are choosing healthy food & beverages, a lot more emphasis is being placed on helping people feel better today (versus in the future) than pre-COVID.
  • There are a number of categories – led by smoothies – where enhanced versions are currently being purchased significantly less than interest levels would predict, particularly in relation to the U.S.

So if you’re interested in the functional food opportunity in Canada, and how to market functional more effectively, we hope you can join us at 12:30 on Tuesday. If you can’t make that time, feel free to contact us after the event for a link to the recording and/or a copy of the presentation.

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